Christmas 2011

this morning in my stocking I got some chocolate, pad and pen, correspondence cards (???) and some motherfuckin knitted ugg boot slippers. I was all WAIT WHAT over them until I started wearing them and THEY ARE QUITE COMFY ACTUALLY I LIKE THEM…..

I got Inception, 2 Narnia movies, and £20 from my mum, the Back To The Future dvd trilogy from my friend, stephen merchant live dvd (so i can relive it) and the best goddamn card from my sister look at it

£20 from my uncle, a do it yourself watercolour calendar from my dad (?????), and £50 from my gran plus a cheap living cookbook (she likes to hint with presents)

So wow I got lots of things and they were all pretty good! I didn’t want anything specific anyway.

I- holy shit I just saw a mouse

It was adorable omg

Anyway where was I. Yeah there was lots of good TV today, I sat around eating and watched Ratatouille and Ice Age 3 (eh there was nothing else on) and the Doctor Who Christmas special. And they all made me teary because i am the hugest softie and i will probably cry at anything ever

So yeah this was a really good christmas aaaah i really enjoyed it

And Briggsy and Tora and Mantonio got me some games! <3 And Pennhurst got me a dA subscription!

MCM Expo (Day 1)

There were loads of Valve people, and a whole Portal GROUP this time!

I got asked for tons of photos. And inside was even better. I met both Wheatleys. 83 They are so fantastic.


There was a whole section for NOT-ANIME for once, which was great to get away from all the overbearing Japanese stuff that usually hogs all the space. They had some display behicles in there, like the Blues Brothers car and a Star Wars ship and a time-travelling DeLorean.

There were games booths and an arena where people's homemade robots were fighting each other.

And the best thing was, I didn't know this in advance, Anthony Daniels was there. AKA C-3PO. AKA the guy my mum used to work with.

So we queued for absolutely AGES, and had to pay £25 for an autograph we already have one of for free. But we went up there, and I was intending to ask if he remembered my mother, and before I said anything, he was just staring at me. And he asked if we'd met before. So I explained and asked if he remembered my mum and he's all "of course!" and when I said we were her daughters he just looked BOGGLED.

So then we had a chat about their old producer at the BBC and he told us to wish her well from him and I was just reeling because I wasn't sure he'd even remember her from over 25 years ago, but... he almost recognised me! I resemble my mother a lot, so really, I look like she did 20 years ago, which is what he must remember.

It took all of our spending money to get it so we didn't buy anything else, and we gave the autograph to my mum even though she already has one from back then, haha. But it was so friggin cool.
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Ice Skating and Brownies


And it was great seeing my friend again, she's usually either in Leeds or in Dresden and sometimes she goes on day trips to Prague for no reason really

And she brought her other friend and we all tried like hell not to fall over. Well not Ash, he's very adept and brought his own skates. I took a while to remember how to do it, then got braver as I went along. They started playing a pendulum song and I started tearing ass around the circuit and overdid it and tripped right down at full speed.

So that seemed like a good point to take a break! I ate a burger while the others finished, then we drove back and sang along to Nyan Cat in the car for 3 minutes. We watched a bit of The Crystal Maze before I headed home. And I judged their batches of brownies they made!

I wonder if I'm gonna ache tomorrow because owwww.
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But tomorrow I get to go out skating and also we get OLD WORLD BLUES and I am ridiculously excited to start itttt eeee

I did finish off the Pokemon White storyline, and wow, I'm really impressed by how they handled it. They added so much rom the previous games and it was so immersing. It even had a non-kiddie theme that I liked. It's so great to see an old favourite bloom into quality again.

Here's what I used to beat the League the first time around. I need to borrow someone's copy of Black to grab some exclusives before doing some post-game stuff...

Cinccino ♂
Lv. 46
Impish Nature
Alert to sounds
 Rufflet ♂
Lv. 47
Adamant Nature
Capable of taking hits
Rock Blast              Bullet SeedAbility: Technician Tailwind               Shadow Claw Ability: Sheer Force
Wake-Up Slap            Tail Slap @ Scope Lens Fly                         Crush Claw 
Eelektrik ♂
Lv. 47
Docile Nature
Quick tempered
   Whimsicott ♂
Lv. 48
Modest Nature
Charge Beam                Crunch Ability: Levitate  Shadow Ball           Giga Drain Ability: Infiltrator
 Thunderbolt                Thunder   Hurricane              Energy Ball @ BrightPowder
  Fraxure ♂
Lv. 48
Careful Nature
Somewhat stubborn
   Sawsbuck ♂
Lv. 50
Adamant Nature
Likes to thrash about
 Swords Dance   Dragon Dance Ability: Mold Breaker  Nature Power          Jump Kick Ability: Sap Sipper
 False Swipe        Dragon Claw   Horn Leech                   Return @ Soothe Bell
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In which Fivetail and I re-enact every meme we learned during the Seattle trip in 30 seconds

Beanie: fivetail liveblogs her descent into
Beanie: i dunno
Beanie: amnesia
Fivespades Slicktail: im not gonna call it that
Fivespades Slicktail: asshole
Fivespades Slicktail: WHAT THE FUCK
Beanie: WHA
Fivespades Slicktail: im leaving
Fivespades Slicktail: im leaving im leaving im leaving im leaving im leaving im leaving im leaving im leaving im leaving im leaving im leaving
Beanie: dave
Beanie: you're my only hope dude :(
Fivespades Slicktail: at night @_@
Beanie: hey daralon
Beanie: my mom
Beanie: she got me
Beanie: this new game
Fivespades Slicktail: EAT SHIT AND DIE
Beanie: I am legit laughing so hard you don't evne know
Fivespades Slicktail: MAYNGUENE BANANA
Fivespades Slicktail: it's not even bacon yet
Fivespades Slicktail: CONGRESS TART
Beanie: 4strength 4 stam
Beanie: BELT
Fivespades Slicktail: computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We are getting up super early tomorrow to hit up the zoo before leaving

But yeah we went to the Space Needle today!! It was super fun

There was a huge food court and a science centre where they had dinosaurs and planets and we watched a bit of an IMAX movie about underwater vents and then left and went to see BUGS.

The butterfly habitat was the best!! They were so pretty and everywhere! And also we saw stick insects and cockroaches and lizards and axelotls and naked mole rats.

Then we checked the science fiction museum/music project but there wasn't anything that interesting in there besides merchandise (I got a book on writing sci-fi and a blade runner book for my dad)

And then we went up to the top of the sky Space Needle and there was this VIEW

And finally we came home on the monorail and got crepes and then on the train and we didnt even have any dinner so really we just had one meal today. BUT WHATEVER IT WAS GREAT

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First off we had our FREE buffet breakfast, and I got pancakes and bacon and scrambled egg AND we get to do it again TOMORROW

Then we went to Safeway and had a cake inscribed

Which we then TOOK WITH US to Valve

And oh my god it was incredible.


The working sentry!


Case mods and Portal 2 TV spots


Golden crowbar!


Stickies around the door!!


They have so many awards!




Look at all the stuffffff


Found the Gordon!

And that was just the lobby. We couldn't take pictures inside, but it was also amazing. They have a cafe and a rec area to keep everyone happy and an in-house massage parlour so they don't get stressed! There was merchandise for all their series just everywhere on the shelves. We took the cake to the Portal team and I met Wheatley's animator and shook her hand! And we got to see them working on the new DLC coming out soon. They were testing some of the co-op levels. Guess what, GLaDOS will have new lines!

We also went to the TF2 department and saw artwork along the walls for Meet The Medic. It was dramatic as fuck, lemme tell you. I'm not sure if the our guide knew why we were jumping around so much. So many awesome figurines!

Then back at the lobby we were all given a free t-shirt. I got one of the old 'aperture science innovators'! It looks all vintage. Then on the way out we told them about someone we know who came over who got toplaytest stuff and was given a sticky bomb from the dorway to take with him, and suddenly SHE JUST LET US TAKE THEM.

So I got a free shirt and a blue sticky bomb. Five got the red.

We bounded back home in utter fits of glee. Then she had to have a nap because she was all tuckered out. Having had lunch instead of brunch we went out for early dinner and had sushi. Real stuff with the fish on the automated carousel going past you. It was different, cause I tend to prefer my food hot as a rule, but it was very nice. And I can say I've eaten raw salmon and deep fried yams.

I didn't knw this was happening today, but it turns out it's provisional result day. I very nearly freaked out. I only new because my friends were suddenly saying their grades were disappointing. So in a flurry of terror I went to check and... 67 for Innovative Form, 77 for Business of Writing, and 73 for my novel!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS SERIOUSLY. MY NOVEL GOT FIRST HONOURS. I was so sure it was the weakest portfolio! And it's worth a LOT of points so it might help my final grade up!

I honestly could not be happier right now!


I got up pretty early today because everything is exciting. We got breakfast ordered to the room, waffles and pancakes and they were delicious!

Then we went out to look around and found a mall. A BIG mall. First thing we did was find a Disney Store and look at everything. Then we went through department stores, bought candy, searched for a belt for me, and had lunch at Red Robin, which is actually really nice. They not only have bottomless drinks, they bring a new refill when ou're halfway through your old one!

We got a bit lost on the way back to the hotel and went grocery shopping in Safeway. We used to have a Safeway where I live. We got really useful things like shower gel and soap and loofahs and cola and twinkies and fruit.

Then we went to our room and watched Tangled which I bought from the Disney Store. It was really adorable and funny and I liked it. :3 We've traded a few pokemon too, but I still have lots more to send to her. Like my spare Mew and Arceus.

We went out again for dinner and inended to get sushi but all the sushi places understandably closed at 9 so we had chinese instead which was delicious.

This city's amazing!



I'm in America!

Oh my god, I was on a plane for 9 hours.

Also, I lost my boarding pass before boarding. They let me on anyway.

Do you know how long 9 hours is when you're sitting in one seat for all of it? It's long. I watched The King's Speech and Harry Blah Deathly Blah Blah Part 1 of 8.

England is really green.

Then we flew over Greenland.

And then Canada, which is mountains.

I saw the Space Needle but was too slow to get a picture!

Fivetail was waiting for me and I was really tired but she is amazing and this is all amazing. <3

We also found a bin on fire. And called a guy in army camo to help and then a FIRE ENGINE showed up.


More tomorrow when Im not tired!
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