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25 October 2008 @ 03:11 pm


Okay wait, no. There was more before that. I had my screenwriting class in the early afternoon and I hadn't really quite finished my homework for it. So I woke up (late, because I didn't go to bed until 4), and ran to the computer to type down a lot of stuff and print it. I mean, when you're in these lessons and other people have hardly any idea what to do, it's far less threatening. But on my own I feel like I'm failing so hard.
We watched some more short films to learn about different structures of narrative. The unfortunate thing was, all the films were very disturbing. For example, the first one was A Room With Askew. Just some random disturbing unconnected stop-motion. I thought it was like Neverhood meets Silent Hill. Especially Neverhood because of the puzzles and perching dinosaur-bird-thing and the keys turning in the walls and so forth. But still, what. I guess it wasn't really that bad, but lack of structure makes you feel so insecure. We also had Staplerfahrer Klaus – Der erste Arbeitstag. That one was kinda funny but I thought the violence was so strange and over-the-top, even IF most of it looked ridiculously fake. There's a link to watch it at the bottom of its article but yeah. Blood. Everywhere. At first I was all OOH YAY GERMAN but then OH GOD DEATH WHAT HALP. Apparently it won awards.
Yeah, those weren't so bad. But then came harder hitting ones, one with people time-travelling and getting themselves killed only to dig themeslves back up again in the present, one about a really lonely guy who travelled to work every day even thought they fired him and had nothing else to do, and killed a girl after trying to force her to stay in his home, and one about bandits brutally terrorising people on a bus in China. I wasn't really cheerful by the end of it...
Add to which, on the bus journey back I took to reading and found out that Brave New World is, actually, pretty disturbing too.

Which was great and I was so ready to have fun at a concert after that.
But actually it was okay because

Okay so actually it was quite a lot like two years ago. Even the dialogue for the opening. o_o I can tell because I read my thoughts over after the one two years ago.
It's still so worth seeing though! Just before it opened they played this short but of film that was like, people dressed as Ms Pac-Man and running around through the streets.

And oh yeah we took bad pictures.

So they started off with the Arcade Medley wich is something I always like. Lol orchestra playing the sound effects on Pong. And they did basically... a lot of man's games. They played music from each game along with clips from the game's best parts. And they had Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Mass Effect... I don't know these at ALL but it's still entertaining.
And also the redid their competition to have a guy come on stage and play Space Invaders for prizes. And some guy waving his hands mentally got to go up, and he looked like one of those typical gamers... you know, about thirty, not exactly buff, really long ponytail. And when he got up his mother yelled from the audience, 'TUCK YOUR HAIR IN' and we all LAUGHED at him. Even the presenter laughed. He had to complete the first level of Space Invaders in two minutes while moving across the stage itself to control his ship. He didn't do that well.

And they also did a World of Warcraft segment (exactly the same as the one two years ago) and one for Metroid, which apparently was their most requested addition. And a montage of all theLegend of Zeldas.

And there was a 20-minute intermission so I looked around at a few cosplay people. Some of the girls had really nice costumes, but I didn't recognise them. I did recognise Solid Snake and that toaster face guy from Phoenix Wright. And. Get this. The guy sitting next to me in our row, at this point, put on a Vivi costume. And I helped him put it on. And I was like aaahhh viviiiii. The costume looked really good in person. He even padded the trousers out.

...Then I stole his hat and took pictures wearing it.

This is just everyone going back to their seats. I think there were like 2000 people.

In the second half we got the Kindgom Hearts bit, but they can't use Square-Enix footage so they used Disney clips. It's nice to listen to. And then they did an arranged Mario montage and Castlevania and the pianist guy (you know, the Video Game Pianist who played the Mario theme blindfolded) did his signature blindfolded Mario bit, then took it off and did Tetris and the Final Fantasy medley. Also they had a Guitar Hero onstage competition, getting a guy to play Sweet Emotion on expert (it was gonna be a lower difficulty, but the guy told them to raise it) and score at least 175,000 points to win. He did, and got it 94% accurate. We were all cheering madly, but we did a collective gasp in horror when he missed one of those long hold-down-button notes. xD Diablo III was in there somewhere.


So they did another Final Fantasy, and everyone was madly screaming their famourite number until they revealed that it was VII, which was like, aw damn, do something different already. And they played their arrangement of One-Winged Angel but since they still can't display Square images, they used a ton of fanart. It was like 2000 people watching a live fanart FMV. (I want to know where they GOT that fanart. I could get IN there if I... actually wanted to draw FFVII. It wasn't all professional, seriously.)

They had an encore and then said they'd be outside meeting people and sighing autographs. The guy in the front of that picture, the same American guy who presented it two years ago, his name's Tommy Tallarico. Back in the main area of the concert hall my dad and sister wanted to leave, but I kinda wanted to wait in line and meet the autograph signing guys. And then I saw somebody holding an Earthworm Jim soundtrack CD. And it said Tommy Tallarico on it. And I was all WAIT. So I made us all get in line.
It took ages because the signing guys were so chatty to everyone. We were afraid we'd miss our last train. But we did eventually get there. The first guy at the signing table was Andrew Barnabas. His place card said Desert Strike on it and I was all OMG that's like one of the first things I ever played. Ever. He laughed and said that made him feel old. xD But I got his autograph. He also did the old pixelly Aladdin PC game which I remember trying to play for hours when I was little. And guess what I just found on his Wiki page now? He composed for Creatures. Effing Creatures. Oh my god. WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THAT AT THE TIME. I would have been SO all over that. asddfhsdffg.
I skipped the other guys in the line 'cause I didn't know their games. :< But I got the Video Game Pianist's signature, and then the conductor and co-producer of the concert, Jack Wall.

And then there was Tommy at the end. I went all OMG THANK YUU FOR DOING THE CONCERTS IT'S SO NICE because I am dumb. And he asked what my favourite part was, and I was like sfglagsd, but then asked him why there was no Portalll. And he said they have a Portal bit, but only in Chicago or something. So I was like BRING IT HERRREE.
And his place card DID say Earthworm Jim on it. So I said I HAVEN'T PLAYED IT BUT YOU KNOW DOUG? And he was all "Oh yeah, we're friends 'cause we worked on that. :D" and I squeed HAVE YOU PLAYED NEVERHOOD? "Yeah, oh, of course. :3" So then I told him to do a Neverhood music segment and he was all "lol, k." xDD He's so nice. And I shook his hand too.
Then we had to run home real fast like speed of sound to get the last train but it worked and we're okay and OMG in general.
I loved it soooo much.
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