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25 December 2011 @ 11:51 pm
this morning in my stocking I got some chocolate, pad and pen, correspondence cards (???) and some motherfuckin knitted ugg boot slippers. I was all WAIT WHAT over them until I started wearing them and THEY ARE QUITE COMFY ACTUALLY I LIKE THEM…..

I got Inception, 2 Narnia movies, and £20 from my mum, the Back To The Future dvd trilogy from my friend, stephen merchant live dvd (so i can relive it) and the best goddamn card from my sister look at it

£20 from my uncle, a do it yourself watercolour calendar from my dad (?????), and £50 from my gran plus a cheap living cookbook (she likes to hint with presents)

So wow I got lots of things and they were all pretty good! I didn’t want anything specific anyway.

I- holy shit I just saw a mouse

It was adorable omg

Anyway where was I. Yeah there was lots of good TV today, I sat around eating and watched Ratatouille and Ice Age 3 (eh there was nothing else on) and the Doctor Who Christmas special. And they all made me teary because i am the hugest softie and i will probably cry at anything ever

So yeah this was a really good christmas aaaah i really enjoyed it

And Briggsy and Tora and Mantonio got me some games! <3 And Pennhurst got me a dA subscription!
Current Mood: lovedloved