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First off we had our FREE buffet breakfast, and I got pancakes and bacon and scrambled egg AND we get to do it again TOMORROW

Then we went to Safeway and had a cake inscribed

Which we then TOOK WITH US to Valve

And oh my god it was incredible.


The working sentry!


Case mods and Portal 2 TV spots


Golden crowbar!


Stickies around the door!!


They have so many awards!




Look at all the stuffffff


Found the Gordon!

And that was just the lobby. We couldn't take pictures inside, but it was also amazing. They have a cafe and a rec area to keep everyone happy and an in-house massage parlour so they don't get stressed! There was merchandise for all their series just everywhere on the shelves. We took the cake to the Portal team and I met Wheatley's animator and shook her hand! And we got to see them working on the new DLC coming out soon. They were testing some of the co-op levels. Guess what, GLaDOS will have new lines!

We also went to the TF2 department and saw artwork along the walls for Meet The Medic. It was dramatic as fuck, lemme tell you. I'm not sure if the our guide knew why we were jumping around so much. So many awesome figurines!

Then back at the lobby we were all given a free t-shirt. I got one of the old 'aperture science innovators'! It looks all vintage. Then on the way out we told them about someone we know who came over who got toplaytest stuff and was given a sticky bomb from the dorway to take with him, and suddenly SHE JUST LET US TAKE THEM.

So I got a free shirt and a blue sticky bomb. Five got the red.

We bounded back home in utter fits of glee. Then she had to have a nap because she was all tuckered out. Having had lunch instead of brunch we went out for early dinner and had sushi. Real stuff with the fish on the automated carousel going past you. It was different, cause I tend to prefer my food hot as a rule, but it was very nice. And I can say I've eaten raw salmon and deep fried yams.

I didn't knw this was happening today, but it turns out it's provisional result day. I very nearly freaked out. I only new because my friends were suddenly saying their grades were disappointing. So in a flurry of terror I went to check and... 67 for Innovative Form, 77 for Business of Writing, and 73 for my novel!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS SERIOUSLY. MY NOVEL GOT FIRST HONOURS. I was so sure it was the weakest portfolio! And it's worth a LOT of points so it might help my final grade up!

I honestly could not be happier right now!
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