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19 July 2011 @ 01:37 am
But tomorrow I get to go out skating and also we get OLD WORLD BLUES and I am ridiculously excited to start itttt eeee

I did finish off the Pokemon White storyline, and wow, I'm really impressed by how they handled it. They added so much rom the previous games and it was so immersing. It even had a non-kiddie theme that I liked. It's so great to see an old favourite bloom into quality again.

Here's what I used to beat the League the first time around. I need to borrow someone's copy of Black to grab some exclusives before doing some post-game stuff...

Cinccino ♂
Lv. 46
Impish Nature
Alert to sounds
 Rufflet ♂
Lv. 47
Adamant Nature
Capable of taking hits
Rock Blast              Bullet SeedAbility: Technician Tailwind               Shadow Claw Ability: Sheer Force
Wake-Up Slap            Tail Slap @ Scope Lens Fly                         Crush Claw 
Eelektrik ♂
Lv. 47
Docile Nature
Quick tempered
   Whimsicott ♂
Lv. 48
Modest Nature
Charge Beam                Crunch Ability: Levitate  Shadow Ball           Giga Drain Ability: Infiltrator
 Thunderbolt                Thunder   Hurricane              Energy Ball @ BrightPowder
  Fraxure ♂
Lv. 48
Careful Nature
Somewhat stubborn
   Sawsbuck ♂
Lv. 50
Adamant Nature
Likes to thrash about
 Swords Dance   Dragon Dance Ability: Mold Breaker  Nature Power          Jump Kick Ability: Sap Sipper
 False Swipe        Dragon Claw   Horn Leech                   Return @ Soothe Bell
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