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oh my god oh my god oh my god

This is so nerve-wrecking and oh god flying for a REALLY LONG TIME

I hope Five likes me ;~~;

Be posting a lot once I get there SEE YOU THEN

MCM Expo May 2011!!

I don't remember the last time I felt so tired! I got five hours sleep and I've been walking non-stop for hours IN HIGH HEELS. But it was worth it! I had loads of fun, found other Portal 2 cosplayers, got some loot, and it was all very exciting.

Here I am.

Here's another one.

I found a Gordon Freeman with obligatory headcrab zombie.

I found a turret

I found a Nyan Cat!

This's one of my cosplay friends

This's.... something

Another friend

Yeah! Take the lemons! Oh I like this guy.

Wheatley!! <3

My sister, who came as Chell, and I, went into the Expo proper and did lots of browsing and checked out booths even though my feet really hurt. We saw one with the voice actors from Futurama all lined up! But we didn't get autographs, they were too expensive.

It seems like I can't get through an Expo now without losing something I brought and all my friends trying to help me find it. Last time it was the baseball, this time it was my bag of spare clothes. I didn't really want to take the train all the way home as GLaDOS. We left the bags with the TF2 group, but they wandered off, and when we went back the bag was nowhere to be seen. Se we did some searching, tracked down the last people to leave the area, and Archie (Mister cowboy up there) was kind enough to take me all the way through the centre to look for the information booth which turned out to not exist. I just walked there in my socks because my feet were on fire.
After like half an hour of this we got directed to a DIFFERENT lost and found place in an office, went down there, gave a description of the bags and contents and they actually had them. I was so fucking relieved. I brought clothes that I wouldn't really mind being stolen just for that possibility, but I really really wanted my only pair of trainers back.

So that worked out okay, and then we all sat down to chat a bit until heading home. I've got lots of pictures, a lemon that Cave gave me, a plushie Woobat, and a special present for Fivetail when I see her.

Today was kind of the first day of the most exciting week of my life. I have a birthday party tomorrow, Monday I'm meeting Briggsy from America and showing her London, and her boyfriend's gonna do his Wheatley voice at me to make me cry, then Wednesday I'm off to America on my own. I'm doing more living for the next week and a half than I EVER have before!
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"Suck the drive if you want!"


A WEEK well a bit less than a week by now.

But before that I have to get my shit together for MCM. I'm not assembling the costume as fast as I hoped, but it's getting there. This is the GlaDOS headpiece this morning -

And since then I've done a coat of paint and started sewing my clothes details on.

This'll be so worth it if it turns out well. I got DVDs of An Idiot Abroad and the Ricky Gervais Show season 1 from Amazon, so I've been getting through those while working.
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Who thought the GIANT CAZADOR was a good idea!?

I haven't done a lot recently that wasn't drawing Wheatley. Or starting a Portal 2/Twilight crossover. Or having my friends write Wheatley bondage.

I've got lots to prepare for though and I'll probably lull into a false sense of free time and then get caught out when the end of the month comes around because I have so much going on and so many people to meet. Pre-emptive birthday party, MCM Expo (which I don't have a costume for yet), meeting friends from America, then going to America to meet friends. And Valve. VALVE.

I bought the Honest Hearts NV DLC and it's... okay. I like the environment and the weather! And the giant fucking monsters that keep surprising me, they're very dramatic. It's just nice to have new stuff to do. Really, Fallout's everything I want in a game except for any survivalist or economic changes during gameplay. Which you can mod in, but I want it to be real!

Portal 2 fandom led me into watching The Ricky Gervais show and not only do I think it's hilarious, I now have two new creative idols. I used to dislike them but that was just not knowing enough. Just to prove my dedication to this, I've got tickets to Stephen Merchant's stand-up tour this September. CANNOT WAIT.

Oh, and I drew this... and yes, I'm ashamed of myself.

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"She has a medical degree. In fashion. From France."

Portal 2 is the best game ever made and I'm only halfway through.

I mean that from a humour standpoint. It's not a great RPG that you can put hours into and build a character and get to know and love a world of escapism. It's rough, harsh, it throws you around against your will, it surprises you, terrifies you, gives you a real experience, and you only get the really good first exposure to it once. It's finding out what happens and how and devising your way through.

I loved the first test chambers for the way they introduced everything, not to mention the style, with the overgrowth and panels moving as you go. And after finishing chapter 5, all I can say is.. wow. This is everything I most dreaded and most hoped for, all at once.

They've outdone themselves. My voice hurts from squealing.

I don't usuallyfeel right posting about negative stuff here, mostly because the only reason to put it here is to preserve it and it's not like I want to re-experience things that are sad. But this is also a life blog so I'm going to make myself write it down instead of pretending it didn't happen.

Today was my grandfather's funeral. I think he deserves the recognition. I've known him all my life, even though my grandparents went to retire a hundred miles away from where I live, we saw them regularly. This was my first funeral. It's really hard to look at a coffin and try to realise there's someone you used to know inside it. And it wasnt until the church bells started slowly ringing that I felt very emotional. I've never heard that solitary bell toll so associated with misfortune and death in the context from whch it originated.

I got upset, and I kept it in control until after I'd done my reading f a bible verse. Then I got really upset. I'm not sure why it was so bad.

Obviously to got me to think a lot about loss and how people deal with it. I used to think the effect that it had was the finality, and not being able to communicate with someone anymore, and their presence being taken away from you, but I realise that it's also somehow just respect for a conscious mind no longer existing. And all the stuff in the service about going to live in heaven with god, ascending to another life (some of which I read out myself) just felt painful and worsening the process of acceptance. I wanted to pay respects for a long life lived and remember with a tone of finality and mostly, get closure. I didn't want to be told that it was okay because he wasn't actually gone, just waiting on another plane of existence. It really did not feel right, emotionally.

Anyway, it was a really lovely day, probably the best day of the year. Sunny and all the flowers along the road to the church were in bloom, it looked amazing. We went to the village hall afterwards for chat and buffet. After eating I felt a lot more stable. To be honest I felt a bit ashamed to cry in front of all the people when we walked out, Im not sure why, but there were so many of them. Then I remembered I get upset very easily if I haven't eaten much. I really have to remember this so I can control myself better in the future.

I still have a lot to do before the university hand in and I might try to get more out of the way before we go home tomorrow.


This THING is my assignment project for Fiction and Innovative Form.

It's a scroll. It's written as a newspaper with articles, advertising and fluff pieces to demonstrate how old methods can apply to modern usage. I mean, I think reading this would be a bit easier to handle in a small space, like on a train or a bus, than a real broadsheet newspaper. I was inspired to make it after seeing how huge and unweildy for everyday life they are.
The story in the article is a contemporary version of Little Red Riding Hood, to fit with the NEW THINGS IN OLD THINGS theme.

I think what I actually came up with is pretty stupid now and I have no idea if the writing itself is a good standard but to be honest I'm sick of working on this thing.

Now I intend to join in the TCC Left4Dead group and get slightly drunk with them to forget about all the other stuff I have to do.